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Tackle division grades 3 thru 8,

Participant forms must be present to the Coach or Team Administrator for inclusion in the team book.  Team books must be presented for compliance verification prior to participate in any American Youth Football, Inc. sanctioned event.

All rostered Participants must complete the following paperwork in order to be allowed to participate in any American Youth Football, Inc. sanctioned event.
Please return your completed forms to your team manager.
Thank you for your cooperation!

1. Waiver & Release of Liability – MINOR

2. Emergency Medical Treatment, Consent and Information Form
3. Medical Clearance Form:Clearance Form filled out by a medical practitioner clearing a MYF player for athletic participation in the Youth flag football, tackle football or athletic activities. This form must have a date of 2018 regardless of the last actual physical.
4. Official Participation Contract, Tracking & ID Card: Registration Contract (signed by a Parent or Guardian) and including a Photo ID with the jersey number.  This is a two page document (MYF will coordinate taking the player's photo for the form)

5.  Image Release 
You can find these forms on the Left Side Menu Bar under Documents! Then click on Tackle Football AYF Forms  You should have 8 forms total to turn in for first practice!

Grade Based Required Documentation
Report card:  Due to the new grade-based format we will need to have a copy of your child's June report card (2015 – 2016 school year) or another school document as proof of their current grade.

Required for Season Play
A Copy is needed for Regular Season Play
Original Birth Certificate: needed in play-off round (Coach will inform at that time)

  • original birth certificate
  • state issued sport birth certificate
  • DMV ID card
  • military ID card